25 Mar 2009

Femtocells Asia, Tokyo, March 2009

Node-H was present at the Femtocells Asia conference in Tokyo on 23rd-24th March. It was an interesting conference and gave Node-H the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with key players in the Femtocell industry from the chipset vendors, module and device vendors and also the operators. The conference showed growing confidence that the femtocell market is really going to take off. The 3GPP specifications process is the key turning point.

An interesting question asked in private was when the 1 millionth and 10 millionth femtocells would be sold. The answers were surprising consistent: mid-2010 for 1 million and mid- or Q3 2011 for 10 million devices sold.

The Femto Forum reported on the successes of the past year and the plans for the coming year with the inter-operability testing (IOT) one of the most important aspects. Node-H will participate in this IOT testing in order to assist customers achieve early market entry.