What we do

Node-H is a specialist software company focused on the small cells and femtocells market. The team consists of experts with many years of experience in LTE, UMTS and GSM software development. The heritage of the company dates back to Optimay, a Munich-based start up with unique competence in portable wireless software for UMTS and GSM. 

Node-H has established a unique reputation as the experts in standards-based small cells, capable of interworking with the widest variety of infrastructure from other vendors, including Tier 1 network equipment vendors. 

The Node-H team has unique capability in the area of simulation and test, which is crucial to being able to develop and maintain high quality, sophisticated software in a cost-effective way.

Node-H works closely with semiconductor vendors and OEMs and ODMs, along with H(e)MS and H(e)NBGW vendors to ensure that the end-to-end system provides a high-quality experience for end-users, at a price that is attractive to operators to go into mass deployment.