Management team

Mike Cronin, CEO

contentimages/MikeCroninMike Cronin has many years of experience in software, hardware, telecoms and test. He co-founded Node-H to build upon many years of experience at Optimay where he was Vice President for Product Development. Optimay developed wireless handset software from the early days of GSM up to UMTS. At Optimay Mike helped to grow the engineering team from 10 people to over 70 when Optimay was acquired by Lucent Microelectronics in 1998. The Optimay software was renowned for robustness and was used by major manufacturers during the hectic ramp up of the wireless handset market. Lucent spun out its microelectronics division as Agere Systems, which went on to supply GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS chipsets to the leading handset makers, achieving up to 10% of world market share. Prior to Optimay Mike worked at Hewlett-Packard developing telecommunications test hardware and software.

Wolfgang Scheit, CTO and Founder

contentimages/WolfgangScheitWolfgang Scheit has many years of experience in software, hardware and telecoms, mainly in the mobile handset business. He was the initiator of the Debis/Comneon mobile communication software in 1993. He joined Optimay in 1997 and went on to lead the Optimay/Agere GPRS, EDGE and UMTS development programs, as well as supporting the system archirecture for Agere chipset designers. When the Optimay team was acquired by Infineon in 2007, Wolfgang helped to deploy the Comneon 3G protocol software in key customer engagements and was Program Manager for the Comneon protocol stack development. At Node-H, Wolfgang has lead the development of the Node-H UMTS and LTE solutions and ensured that this is done in a way that guarantees a robust and maintainable solution for Node-H customers.