Node-H is a specialist software developer of UMTS, LTE and dual-mode small cells and femtocells.

The Node-H solution is used in multiple large-scale live deployments, and is interoperable with most network vendor gateways.

Node-H works with OEMs and ODMs so that complete solutions can be offered to operators directly or through network equipment vendors. These solutions are complete, including O&M. They need to be configured for the network operators particular environment, such as security certificates, configuration of the PLMN, LAC, RAC etc., which access modes to allow, and which handovers to prioritize. Node-H can also customize the software to support infrastructure elements like H(e)NBGWs that are not yet supported.

OEMs that wish to can modify parts of the solution to respond to the needs of operators for customization and unique features. Thus device vendors can add their own proprietary software to extend the functionality of the small cell.

For more details on the UMTS and LTE products select the corresponding link in the sidebar. The dual-mode product supports both UMTS and LTE on a single SoC.