Node-H is a specialist software developer of UMTS, LTE and dual-mode enterprise and residential small cells. Node-H software drives the world's largest small cell deployment, with over 3 million small cells.

The Node-H solution is used in multiple large-scale live deployments, and is interoperable with most network vendor gateways.

Node-H is a Board Member of the Small Cells Forum, helping to drive the standards of small cells since UMTS and LTE, and now targetting 5G.

The Node-H solution has been present at every Small Cell Forum Plugfest, and the Node-H Small Cell was the reference small cell at the recent Plugfest held at the ITRI institute in Tawian.

Node-H works with OEMs and ODMs so that complete small cells solutions can be offered to operators either standalone or through a partner network of infrastructure equipment vendors. See Dual-mode solutions for an example of the products that an operator can deploy with minimal expense. Node-H can also customize the software to support infrastructure elements like H(e)NBGWs or management systems that are not yet supported.

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