Node-H is a specialist software developer of RAN software, including 5G NR, 4G and 3G. Node-H software is deployed in operator networks around the world, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Node-H software drives the world's largest small cell deployment, with over 4 million small cells.

Node-H's focus is now on 5G SA RAN for Campus Networks. 5G SA Cells are available now, and are up to Node-H's usual standards of robustness. Now is the time to integrate them into your eco-system, and take advantage of the O-RAN interfacing to make a truly interoperable end-to-end solution.

Node-H is a member of the core team of the BMWK's CampusOS Project, which brings together many of the top companies in Germany to perfect the technology of Campus Networks. This involves interacting with large and small players to ensure that the Node-H RAN technology is seamlessly integrated with the technology from other players in the industry.

Node-H software is used in multiple large-scale live deployments at key operators. The solution is MNO-quality, and this is is only possible due to the high-quality and robust nature of the software. Note that Node-H takes responsibility for the binary software of the product. We do not provide a partial software and expect the customer to finish it. Node-H RAN software is interoperable with all main core network vendors and vendor gateways.

The Node-H solution has been present at every Small Cell Forum Plugfest, and the SCF selected to use Node-H 4G Small Cell as the reference small cell at the Private Network core interoperability Plugfest held at the ITRI institute in Taiwan.

Node-H works with OEMs and ODMs so that complete small cells solutions can be offered to operators either standalone or through a partner network of infrastructure equipment vendors. For typical products, such a Band n78 enterprise 5G cells, or Band 7 or Band 3 4G cells, our hardware partners already have cells available. For a more specialized product, please contact Node-H to discuss it. Node-H can also customize the software to support infrastructure elements like network Gateways or management systems.

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