UMTS Solution

Node-H provides a software solution for UMTS small cells based on the Broadcom 616X0 and 617X5 reference solutions (also ported to Qualcomm). The Node-H solution is in use in multiple live deployments, and is interoperable with most network vendor gateways.

contentimages/NodeH - HNB Architecture

The solution combines with the board support package of the chipset vendor to provide  the complete solution for a standalone residential or enterprise small cell.

Node-H software is designed to support customers making product variants such as adding PPPoE, PoE, Powerline, ADSL, Wifi or gpon.

All the required Radio Resource Management software is delivered by Node-H. This includes

  • Access Control
  • Congestion control and Dynamic RAB Management
  • Channel-type Switching
  • Quality of service
  • Code allocation management
  • Power control
  • Interference mitigation
  • Radio parameter auto-configuration

Node-H provides sophisticated tools to analyse FAP behavior in IOT test, trials and in live deployments.

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