Enterprise customers are among the best customers of operators, providing the highest ARPU in return for intensive use of data and speech. But operators are finding it more difficult to provide enterprise customers with high capacity coverage, as offices are built to norms which are designed to shield the interior from electromagnetic radiation. Operators today are faced with a dilemma when trying to fill the coverage holes which are often found among their best customers. LTE coverage alone is not sufficient, as only a few operators currently have the complex VoLTE network infrastructure in place, and even if they had it, only a small subset of customers are equipped with phones that have compatible VoLTE support. That's why, for the next years at least, the ideal product for supporting enterprise customers is a UMTS and LTE dual-mode enterprise small cell.

The Node-H dual-mode solution builds upon the LTE and UMTS products, combining them into an integrated whole which provides excellent data performance while also guaranteeing successful calls both now and in the future. It can run on the Broadcom 61765 dual-mode platform or on separate 61755 SoCs. The feature combines the full feature sets of the individual UMTS enterprise and LTE enterprise products, with additional features like sharing of timing and neighbor lists as well as CFSB with fast return to LTE. 

Node-H Dual-mode Factsheet