Node-H 5G RAN Software

The Node-H 5G carrier-grade 5G RAN software is suitable for Microcells, Picocells or any class of small cells – Enterprise or Residential, standalone or virtualized.

The 5G RAN software can run Intel or ARM hardware and interfaces to the SCF FAPI. It supports up to 100MHz bandwidth in sub-6 GHz and up to 400MHz bandwidth in mmWave. It can support up to 256 users depending on the power of the cell.

The software provides a roadmap to higher capacity cells as the SoCs are more powerful than in previous generations and will be complemented by Qualcomm CSM SoC technology in the future, allowing the same software base to address larger cells, up to and including macro cells.


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Detailed information about the Node-H 5G RAN solution can be downloaded here:


Node-H 5G RAN Software solution


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